Ambitious plans for more public EV charge points

The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise in the UK. According to RAC data, more than 1 in 6 new cars in 2021 were entirely electric or hybrids. Several things are encouraging the switch, such as high fuel prices and shortages, as well as the plan to ensure all cars are EV by 2030. We are playing our part to facilitate the switch too. People can call on us when they need help from the best OLEV installers Bridgewater has. We can install chargers at almost any home.

Improving the infrastructure

OLEV installers BridgewaterOne issue people have with EVs is the current infrastructure. The UK has over 8,000 petrol stations, including on every main route. However, the network of EV chargers is not at the same level. Currently there are only around 30,000 public chargers. That can worry people who are planning a longer journey.

However, the Government is working to improve the infrastructure. There is already a plan in place to install 6,000 charging points along motorways in England by 2035. On top of this they revealed a plan to create 300,000 across the UK by the end of the decade. The 2030 deadline would coincide with the goal to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles.


The new plan will improve access to chargers all over the UK. The roll out will cover urban centres, rural areas, key locations on travel routes, and more. There is also a goal to help drivers who lack off-street parking. The easiest way to charge an EV is with a home charging point. However, people who don’t have a private drive or parking space can struggle. Improving accessibility will give more drivers the chance to switch.

There will also be a focus on ensuring the new chargers will be reliable and efficient. The Government wants them to have at least 99% reliability. Plus, they want to ensure consumers can easily check availability to confirm that EV points are working and vacant for when they need them.

OLEV installers in Bridgewater to get you set up

ASM Electrical understands the appeal of EVs and can offer great services to make it convenient to own one. We can install a charger at your home, making sure it can efficiently charge your vehicle. We will choose the right product for you, select a suitable location, and set it all up.

One thing to note is that all new build homes by law have to include an EV point. The Government made this a requirement from 2022. So, if you are planning a self build, we can help you to install a charger.

If you want a quote from the best OLEV installers Bridgewater can offer, speak to us. You can also use the form on our website.