Best ways to save electricity at home

Electrical contractors WellingtonWith energy prices continuing to rise and putting more pressure on households, it is a good time to look at how you can reduce your consumption. We can give you lots of useful advice here. Then, if you want to look at upgrades or new, more energy efficient installations, we have the best services for you. In fact, we are the top electrical contractors Wellington can offer.


The lights are one of the biggest energy consumers in your home. What you need to do here is check your bulbs. If you are still using older ones, you are using more electricity than you should be. What you should do is choose the most efficient energy saving bulbs. Ideally, you could upgrade to LED lights because they don’t waste energy creating heat. They also last a very long time.

Turning things off

We all tend to leave things like TVs and consoles on standby. However, these devices will consume a small amount of power every hour if you do this. The best option is to turn things off at the wall until you need to use them.

Fridges and freezers

These are two appliances you can’t turn on and off if you want to continue using them. But, there are ways to reduce how much energy they consume. For example you can clean the coils of the fridge to improve efficiency. You can also check the temperatures and ensure you aren’t keeping the appliances colder than they need to be.


Many electrical appliances in the home will become less efficient with time due to wear and tear. Things like the washing machine, dishwasher, and boiler are prime examples. What you can do to offset this is get regular servicing. This can make sure they work as efficiently as possible and save energy.

Smart home technology

There are lots of amazing pieces of technology you can choose to make your home smarter. For example you can choose a thermostat that can adapt your heating automatically so you don’t waste energy. You can get smart lighting, blinds, and even solutions for TVs and coffee machines. They can ensure you don’t waste electricity by leaving appliances on.

The kettle

Brits love hot drinks and many people also use their kettle when they want to quickly heat up some water for cooking. However, you could be wasting electricity every time you boil the kettle. The more water you heat up, the more power you will use. So, try to be efficient and only do as much as you need.

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