How can a business reduce energy bills?

High energy prices are a concern for households across the UK at the moment. However, businesses need to think about them too. The rises could be taking a big chunk out of your profits. It is also not sustainable to just waste energy needlessly. So, it is a good time to look at how you can reduce your consumption and your bills. We can offer a number of tips and quality services. In fact, we are the most reliable commercial electrical contractors Wellington has.

What to do?

The first thing to do is conduct an energy audit. You need to look at what you are currently doing in terms of energy use, taking into account every part of the business. Once you have a baseline, you can start to look at making changes to reduce energy use and your bills.

Switching things off

Commercial electrical contractors WellingtonThe easiest way to reduce your electricity consumption is to get employees to turn things off when they aren’t using them. Devices like computers still consume energy when you leave them on standby. Over a year it could add up to hundreds of pounds depending on how many devices you have. Turning them off at the end of each day will save you this expense. Ideally you should only turn equipment on when you are planning to use it.

It is the same case with lights. Leaving them on will consume a huge amount of electricity over the course of the year. Instead, get into the habit of turning them off in areas that aren’t in use and at the end of each day. It may be a good idea to invest in motion controls so lights turn off automatically when they don’t detect movement for a while.

Energy efficient products

Another thing you can do is upgrade to more energy efficient products. You can do this with lighting systems, computers, and even heavy equipment like boilers and generators. Newer products can have very good efficiency ratings, so investing in them can cut your consumption and bills. In time they can pay themselves off.

Energy management

There are lots of options for energy management too. This can include smart thermostats for your heating and smart meters for electricity. Using these devices can be a big help in managing everything. Plus, some let you turn things off remotely.

Other things to try

On top of this you can do a number of other things to reduce your bills. This includes:

  • Look at changing suppliers
  • Insulate properties
  • Use gas instead of electricity for heating
  • Keep radiators and vents clear so there are no obstructions

Talk to commercial electrical contractors in Wellington

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