What are the key aspects of commercial electrical installations?

Safety is absolutely crucial in commercial settings. Businesses need to ensure every aspect of the property is safe, especially the electrics. We can help, providing the most reliable commercial electrical contractors Taunton can offer. Whether it is a new installation, upgrades, or repairs, we can handle it for you.

Complex electrics

Commercial electrical contractors TauntonThe most important thing to keep in mind here is that commercial electrics tend to be more complex than residential ones. They are usually a higher voltage with 3-phase power rather than single phase. The wires and installations also tend to have more insulation to maximise safety.

While the systems can be more complex and will vary by property, there are a number of key things you will see in most properties. These include:


All commercial spaces need lighting in one form or another. It is vital for ensuring that people can make their way around safely. Systems can be far more complex than residential ones though. They may need emergency circuits, fittings able to deal with tricky environments, and even things like motion controls.


All properties need outlets so people can plug in different electrical devices. In commercial spaces you need to think about the needs of workers and the environment. It is important to plan for the number of users and the kind of devices they will be using. Plus you must look at the type of wiring you have as it can affect your choice of outlets.

Distribution panel board

Every commercial property should have a distribution board. What it does is handle the transmission of electricity through the subsidiary circuits in the building. The board is comparable to a circuit breaker so you can turn off power to individual circuits too. There are many different types of board, including ones with large wiring capacities.

Branches and feeders

Some commercial properties require high speed electrical connections. If so you may need branch circuits or feeders to provide it.

Fire safety systems

There are strict safety regulations for all commercial properties. With that in mind, you will likely see fire signals and emergency lighting in every single building. They need to be visible and in the right locations. Plus, it is important to wire them carefully to they are fast and efficient.

Service entrance

Finally, every single commercial building will have some form of service entrance. This is the location where the mains supply enters the property before you distribute it. However, the entrances can vary greatly. Some may be overhead connections to a utility pole. Others can be via a trough and switches.

Choose the best commercial electrical contractors in Taunton

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