When is it time to rewire a property?

Most people take the wiring in their homes for granted. They simply plug things in and expect the power to flow. However, there can be a number of issues. In some cases you may need to look at a rewire. If you do, we can help. You can work with us and rely on the best electrical contractors Taunton can offer.

Problems tend to arise more frequently with wiring as the electrics get older. They can also start occurring due to problems with new installations or using new products that pull through a lot of energy.

When to rewire?

There is actually no specific rule to say you should rewire a property after a specific number of years. In fact, many older homes in the UK still have old wiring and a fuse box rather than a modern consumer board.

Electrical contractors TauntonWhat you should do though is have an electrician inspect the wiring periodically. As a rough guide, it is a good idea to do this every ten years. If you are a landlord you should do it more frequently to keep the tenants safe. Here it is a good idea to check every five years or after each tenancy.

It is also a good idea to look at upgrades if the wiring is more than thirty years old. After that amount of time there are likely to be some faults hiding. There is also likely to be newer, higher standards. An upgrade would improve efficiency and safety.

In addition, you will likely want to look at rewiring if you are getting a new kitchen or bathroom. Here you may want to rewire the whole property or the new area to make sure it will be safe.

Signs of an issue

The time when you really need to consider a rewire is if you are seeing issues like the power tripping frequently or shocks or sparks from sockets and outlets. If the lights flicker often, dim or buzz, it is also a sign you may need an upgrade. Plus, any visual signs of exposed wires show it is time to rewire.

Choose the best electrical contractors in Taunton

ASM Electrical can help with any kind of rewiring project. Whether you need an urgent service because there is a serious problem or you are looking at an upgrade as part of modernisation work, we can help. Our team have the best qualifications and we are registered with the NICEIC. As a result, you can rely on us to achieve the best standards and meet the current regulations.

We are very proud to be the most reliable electrical contractors Taunton can offer. So, if you want to talk to us about rewiring or any other work, please get in touch.