Why should you have a dedicated EV charging point?

ASM Electrical is a name you can rely on if you are thinking of installing an EV charging point at home. We have the best OLEV installers Taunton can offer. As a result, we can ensure new installations are safe, accessible, and suitable for your vehicle. We can also help you look at grants to cover part of the cost.

The UK is in the middle of an electric vehicle (EV) revolution. The number of these vehicles on the road is growing, cutting into the sales of diesel and petrol cars. Simultaneously, the infrastructure is improving all the time. In 2030 there will also be a full ban on the sales of new cars with internal combustion engines.

Charging at home

While there are more and more EV charge points appearing at service stations, supermarkets, and workplaces, the majority of charging is done at home. It is the most convenient option, especially when you can plug in overnight and the battery will be full the next morning. It is also cheaper to do this.

Broadly, there are two options for charging an EV at home. The first is to use a standard domestic three pin socket. Alternatively, you can install a charge point.

Which to choose?

The best option here is to have a dedicated EV charging point. There are several advantages for investing in one.

OLEV installers TauntonFirstly, it is much faster. They can pull through far more electricity than a standard socket. For example, according to RAC, it would take around 13 hours to charge a vehicle with a 40kWh battery if you plug it into a three pin socket. This is because it can only draw 3kW of power. A basic charger could draw 3.6kW of power, charging the vehicle 1.6 times faster. There are chargers that can pull through 7kW, so they can charge an EV in even less time.

Dedicated charging points are also much safer. They communicate with the EV, ensuring a safe flow of power to the battery. A three pin socket cannot do this so there is a risk.

You can also use a smart charger to keep your costs as low as possible. These systems will monitor and control the times when your vehicle charges. You can set them so that the charging occurs when the tariff is the cheapest, usually overnight when demand is lower.

It is perfectly fine to use a domestic three point socket every now and again, particularly if you are visiting somewhere without a proper point. However, it is not recommended for regular use.

Talk to reliable OLEV installers in Taunton

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