Commercial wiring is different to residential wiring

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The difference between commercial and residential electrical wiring can lead to some confusion. You are probably wondering how truly different the two can be. The reality is that there are substantial distinctions. From designs to installations, and the law, expert understanding is necessary to finish the work. What we are going to do in this post is explain in detail how the two types of wiring are different.

Residential wiring

The electrical load here is different and there is usually only single phase power. For home appliances, the loads are straightforward. They tend to appear in the form of dishwashers, lightbulbs and other small appliances, so they don’t pull a lot of electricity. There are no complicated electrical systems, heavy machines, or strange voltage requirements either. Due to these facts, contractors design the systems differently, keeping them simple.

Commercial wiring

Commercial electrical contractors ExeterThe wiring in commercial structures is often far more complex. The loads may need to differ greatly to account for large scale machinery and heavy systems. Things like alarms, HVAC systems, and any equipment with motors may draw a lot of power. As a result, there has to be a different system design. Usually you need 3 phase wiring. It can draw more power and tends to have more protection against peaks and dips, delivering more consistent power. You may also need some systems to be on isolated circuits for safety.


One last point about commercial wiring is that it has to be accessible. In a house, the majority of wiring is hidden. For commercial buildings though, wiring has to be easy to access due to maintenance needs. Therefore, there has to be a different installation design. These extra requirements need consideration to guarantee the safety of the users.

Wiring from top commercial electrical contractors in Exeter

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