CCTV Systems

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CCTV (closed circuit television) is a closed-circuit system that consists of camera’s, recorder and monitor that records images onto a hard disk or other storage medium.

Modern systems which have remote access are referred to as a VSS (Video Surveillance System).

These systems are often installed at more and more domestic premises also at entrances and exits of buildings, as well as in car parks, stairwells, property perimeters and other areas where there’s a high chance of theft or criminal damage.

CCTV systems are now one of the best crime deterrents on the market and with the ability to integrate with your smart device so you can monitor your home/premises when you’re not there., you can view live, historical and motion events yourself from anywhere in the world.

CCTV systems record onto a Hard Drive 24 hours a day for a period and can also provide evidence of criminal behaviour.

2 Main CCTV System Types:

  • Traditional analogue system that uses copper cable to each camera from the monitor and records images onto a Digital Video Recorderand more modern digital system
  • (IP) system that uses data cabling and this records images onto a Network Video Recorder.