Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

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A conventional fire alarm system consists of fire detectors , sounders, beacons and other devices that are grouped together. Each zone consists of a single wire circuit which will represent an area or floor of a building.

Communication of a conventional fire panel is limited to 3 states. Standby - Fault – Fire

Conventional Fire panels can only narrow down a location of a fire/fault to be within an area or areas in a building.

Conventional fire panels normally have a very basic option regarding expansion such as a mimic panel which will display the controls of the main panel and the relay connections which can be connected to intruder alarm systems or a programmable dialler. This type of system is normally much cheaper than addressable systems.

So Why Have a Conventional Fire System:

It will often depend on the outcome of a risk assessment or design of the premises. Conventional systems are normally installed in smaller commercial building or HMO’S as they are ideal for smaller buildings.

2 wire conventional systems are cheaper than addressable systems so are a very cost-effective way of protecting your property. Choosing the correct fire alarm system is extremely important and we recommend that you have a risk assessment done or contact us for a quotation and advice.

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