Tips for rewiring your garage

In the last year people have been making various changes to their homes in response to covid. The pandemic made lots of us think about what we need in our home. Now you may want an office, a gym, or a private area for relaxing. One thing you may want to do is look at converting the garage. It could give you a useful new space. We can help with these projects, providing the best electrical contractors Exeter has to offer.


Electrical contractors ExeterIf you do want to change the garage, it is likely a rewire may be in order. You may have some wiring in there already, such as lighting or sockets. However, often it is not to the same standard as your main living spaces. To make better use of the space, an update may be wise. It will make it safer and more suited to your needs.

There are a few important things to keep in mind with this kind of project though. Firstly you need to plan the work. Here you need to think about where you will place each wire, light fitting, and socket.

Your wiring scheme should include details of where you will have electrical boxes. You also need to make sure you can staple the wires in place so they don’t sag. In some cases you may need to have cables running beside each other or stacked. If so, use stacking staples.

You should also think about what kind of finish you are doing. For example, if you are putting up plasterboard, you need to adapt the wiring. If you are leaving the walls or ceiling open, you don’t want to have any wires hanging loosely. That creates the potential for accidents and injuries.

Finally you need to ensure you choose the best resources. Go for quality wires, sockets, and light fittings for the job. In terms of the wiring, you must select the right type. Here you have to ensure it can provide the right amount of power and deal with the environment.

Electrical contractors in Exeter for your garage rewire

Some people will attempt this kind of project themselves. However, we always recommend you opt for a professional service. While it may be simpler than a house rewire, there are still risks. Plus, if you want the best results, it is good to invest in an expert with skills and experience.

So, if you want the assurances of a reliable service for a great price, choose ASM. We are the top electrical contractors Exeter can offer, able to handle projects for any home. Contact us today for a quote and recommendations.