Top tips for commercial electrical safety

As a business owner you have a responsibility to account for the safety of your employees. You need to think about all of the hazards they could encounter while they are working. One of the most important here is the electrics. You must make sure they are safe to use, including every electrical device. As the top commercial electrical contractors Bridgewater can offer, we can provide lots of advice about what to do here.

Start by looking at your power needs

Commercial electrical contractors BridgewaterThe best place to begin is by looking at the capacity of your electrics. The last thing you want is to under-size your system as it can result in power cuts and equipment failure, both of which can put employees at risk. At the same time though, you need to avoid over-sizing because you will be wasting energy and throwing money away.

What you must do here is get a good idea of your current needs and any expansion you expect in the future. You can then plan your electrics to ensure they have the right capacity.

Check the switchgear

Most businesses won’t give the switchgear much thought but it is one of the most vital parts of the electrics. It is there to separate the main electrical supply from the circuits in the property. It can also isolate parts of the electrics if there is an issue. The ultimate goal is to protect people in the building from shocks and electrical fires.

Because it is so important, businesses should get into the habit of checking the switchgear periodically. There should be regular inspections to ensure it is working efficiently and see if it needs any maintenance. If it does, you should always get professional services. We can help here by offering the best commercial electrical contractors Bridgewater has.

Look at the wiring

While the switchgear is there to prevent issues, they can still occur if there are problems with the wiring itself. It may be old and no longer up to code. It is a good idea to check it and speak to a commercial electrician if you need rewiring.

Keep an eye on outlets and cords

Accidents and injuries can occur because of issues with the electrical outlets and any cords from equipment. To reduce the risk, you should keep an eye on both rather than taking the condition for granted. If you notice any issues, including sparking outlets, burn marks, or fraying cords, you should take action as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to avoid overloading outlets, especially with huge extension leads.

Get help from commercial electrical contractors in Bridgewater

ASM Electrical is a team that can support businesses in all kinds of industries. You can call on us for advice about safety, including testing and maintenance. We can also provide rewiring and new installations. Clients can even rely on us to implement the full electrics in brand new builds.

So, if you want to work with the leading commercial electrical contractors Bridgewater can offer, speak to us. We can give you a quote for any kind of service.