Common electrical faults to watch out for at home

A surprising number of people in the UK live with various electrical faults in their home. It may be something simple like a light flickering or a buzzing noise. Sometimes they can be quite harmless, but in other cases there is a serious risk of electrocution or even a fire. Below we will take a look at some of the common issues you may find. If you need help with any of them, we can provide the best electrical contractors Exeter can offer.

Tripping fuses or circuit breakers

Electrical contractors ExeterWhile both are designed to trip when the electric current exceeds the safe limit for a circuit, if it happens too frequently there could be a problem. Sometimes the issue is that you are simply using too many high amp appliances on a circuit. Or, there could be a wire shorting somewhere.

Heat, buzzing, charring, or discolouration

Sockets and light switches should never be hot to the touch. They should also never emit a buzzing noise or show signs of discolouration or scorching. If any of these happens, it is likely there is a loose wire or a short.

Small shocks

This is probably the most common fault in homes in the UK, especially older properties. A lot of people will simply ignore it if they occasionally get a small shock from a switch or when they plug something into a socket. But, it is worth investigating. Sometimes the issue is with the socket or switch. However, in some cases it can be the product itself. It could even be the wiring itself.


You’ve probably plugged in a new appliance yourself in the past and had to deal with a slight burning smell. This is normal. But, if it persists or comes directly from the socket, you need to take action. The acrid smell could be a warning sign that the wires’ insulation is burning. If it is, a fire could soon follow. You should call an expert to have a look.

Lights flickering or dimming

It is quite common for lights to flicker or dim in a home. Often it is just a sign that you have too many appliances on a circuit. Or it could be a problem with the light itself. However, if it is happening with multiple lights, the wiring could be the issue.


If you ever use an appliance and it sparks, stop using it. There is likely a fault with it and it could become a serious hazard. If the sparks are coming from the fuse box or circuit breaker, the problem is with the electrics. You need to get an expert to have a look here so they can make sure everything is safe.

The easy way to find electrical contractors in Exeter

ASM Electrial is here to help if you have any trouble with the electrics in your home. We can investigate any fault and find the cause for you. Then, we can rectify it as effectively as possible.

So, if you have any of the issues above or need new installations or upgrades, contact us. We can give you a quote and advice from the top electrical contractors Exeter has to offer.