Tips for rewiring your garage

In the last year people have been making various changes to their homes in response to covid. The pandemic made lots of us think about what we need in our home. Now you may want an office, a gym, or a private area for relaxing. One thing you may want to do is look at converting the garage. It could give you a useful new space. We can help with these projects, providing the best electrical contractors Exeter has to offer. Continue reading “Tips for rewiring your garage”

Do you need an electrician to install home security systems?

Many people are surprisingly nonchalant about their home security. Often they think a break in won’t happen to them. Then, if it does, they rush to get new locks, alarms, cameras, and more. It is much better to be proactive here, especially for your peace of mind. We can help, providing expert electrical contractors Taunton residents can rely on to install different security systems. Continue reading “Do you need an electrician to install home security systems?”

Ambitious plans for more public EV charge points

The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise in the UK. According to RAC data, more than 1 in 6 new cars in 2021 were entirely electric or hybrids. Several things are encouraging the switch, such as high fuel prices and shortages, as well as the plan to ensure all cars are EV by 2030. We are playing our part to facilitate the switch too. People can call on us when they need help from the best OLEV installers Bridgewater has. We can install chargers at almost any home. Continue reading “Ambitious plans for more public EV charge points”

How much are vampire electrical devices costing you?

There has never been more focus on cutting energy consumption at home. Prices are rising, adding hundreds of pounds to the average household bill. This is squeezing everyone’s monthly budget. But, you may not be helping yourself here. There may be a number of devices in your home using energy without you noticing. As the top electrical contractors Bridgewater has, we want to offer some great advice that could save you hundreds of pounds. Continue reading “How much are vampire electrical devices costing you?”